Diamond nursery furniture from Alondra.ae

This is blog writer – Charlotte Duckworth, a journalist who’s worked on tons of glossy interiors mags such as Homes & Gardens, Livingetc, Good Homes and Ideal Home. She is now also a mum, on a mission to search out the best in children’s interiors for mamas (and dadas) who don’t want to compromise…

“It’s not often that furniture takes me by surprise these days – having spent 15 years being sent press releases on everything interiors-related, I’ve pretty much seen it all. But I was really taken with the nursery furniture set by Spanish brand Alondra baby. It’s SO contemporary, so clean and yet striking, but also somehow so grown up – maybe not to everyone’s taste, but I had to feature it.

I love the fact that the press shots for this show the furniture in some ultra-minimalist waterside pad – the very antithesis of what most UK nurseries look like I suspect! And the furniture itself is on the (very) pricey side. However, if you’ve got the budget and you want something really modern, then it’s a pretty reasonable investment. The glossy white design can be used in an adult’s bedroom too and, in case you think I’m going mad, the cot turns into a cotbed and then – wait for it ladies and gents – a desk!

Yes, a desk.

It’s sort of genius actually. When you think about it, a chest of drawers is a chest of drawers, and a wardrobe is a wardrobe, but when you see matching nursery furniture sets, they’re often very ‘childish’ in design, and only suitable for kids’ rooms. Which means that as little ones grow up, the chest of drawers doesn’t suit their room anymore, and the wardrobe is too small. Not so with these pieces – they’re timeless, and the only bit of furniture you definitely don’t need as you grow, the cot, transforms into a desk, meaning nothing is wasted.

The drawers in the chest, and the doors on the wardrobe are all handleless, with a pleasing push mechanism to open and close. There’s even an optional changing kit available for the chest of drawers which attaches to the top of the chest and offers a choice of coloured changing pads.

What do you think? Is it a white gloss finish too far for you?”
It’s available from Alondra.ae